History of Cafe Sci Manila

Café Scientifique tiptoed into Metro Manila in November 2006 as the setting for a book launch of Science Solitaire: Essays on Science, Nature and Becoming Human by science writer Maria Isabel Garcia, published by the Ateneo University Press. It was the author’s idea to introduce Café Scientifique to the Philippines, and her friend Mitzi Borromeo helped organize the Cafe Sci session.

This unique event gathered a distinguished panel of scientists and artists (including the author) – national artist Ben Cabrera, writer Krip Yuson, physicist Jerrold Garcia, and cognitive psychologist Emy Liwag – to discuss the book’s theme of bridging the sciences and arts. The audience was encouraged to interact by offering comments or asking questions. The event took place in a shopping mall, sponsored by a local café called Figaro.

The book launch was well attended, and the Café Scientifique format was a great success. We were pleased to discover that there’s actually a lot of interest in Manila for this kind of forum that encourages an intelligent exchange of ideas. Since then, a sprinkling of Café Scientifique sessions have been held. Since October 2008, Cafe Scientifique sessions have been held on (almost) a monthly bases at different venues.

The spirit of Science Solitaire is echoed by Café Scientifique sessions – to help us rediscover science in gaining new eyes of knowing, of understanding, of exploring new ways of being alive.


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